Why Your Support Matters…

Well before COVID-19, Trillium Health Partners was working diligently to transform health care. When the pandemic hit, the world could see what we’ve known for years: that while some parts of the health care system were saving lives, other parts were overdue for change. And COVID-19 showed us that, without health, we have nothing.

THP cared for one of the highest volumes of COVID-19 patients in the province, but had to overcome the limits of its Mississauga Hospital site, which opened in 1958 before today’s more rigorous hospital building codes. A new kind of health care requires bold new infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology within a more complete, efficient and inclusive system.

To help achieve that vision, the larger, modern Mississauga Hospital will boast significantly more capacity to care for patients while reflecting the best of today’s standards. The hospital’s expanded emergency, surgical and ICU capacity will ensure THP can continue to provide high quality, accessible and sustainable care in the face of rising demand.

New-Build---M-site.jpg *Image is for illustrative purposes only